Dogs and Cats of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary

In our house, it is sometimes quite literally raining cats and dogs. We have been involved in dog rescue since 1998. That same year, Erin decided to ignore her lifelong cat allergies and bring home cats, too. We haven't looked back, and are currently home to 6 dogs and 12 cats, all of whom we had legally declared farm animals and Critter Creek residents. 



Sometimes you adopt a dog, and sometimes the dog adopts you. That was the case for EvaMay, who told Chris, in no uncertain terms, that she was coming home with him.


As the Commander of our DogFleet, EvaMay is demanding, intense, and always in charge. She has never met a toy she couldn't (or wouldn't) destroy, and she loveslovesloves her daddaddad--perhaps to a slightly unhealthy degree. 


Ms. Frances, also known as Ms. Francie Pants, is our youngest pack member. She and her littermates were found on the side of the road in Ocala by one of our rescue partners.


Francie doesn't have a rank yet in DogFleet, as she's still a cadet. She is as full of joy as she is of floof, and loves her dog family and notdog family alike.


Of all the dogs, she is the only one who will fetch a ball or frisbee and not immediately destroy it. (DogFleet is teaching her how to properly destroy toys.) 


We pulled Atticus from the high-kill Levy County Animal Services after Erin saw his photo online and thought he looked sad. The shelter was advertising him as "scared" and "shy," labels that always put a dog high on the kill list. To make things worse, he had terrible skin and was very underweight. 

With some love, food, and skin medication, Atticus is now a completely new dog. He is happy, friendly, and loves everyone he meets (especially Jamie!). He's not much of a guard dog (unless you're a lizard), but that makes him perfectly suited to his DogFleet role--Ship's Counselor. 

IMG_6502 (Edited).JPG

We saw Henry online, and went to adopt him the very next day. Why? He looked exactly like our old dog Stan, whom we had lost a couple years prior. 

Like Atticus, Henry came from Levy County. He was caught as a stray when he wandered up to a kid's birthday party in the park.


Henry loves giving hugs and fulfilling his role as Chief Security Officer (he keeps us safe from squirrels). He also loves playing ball, but he is terrible at catching balls and so prefers to simply eat them.


Mila's photo and bio are coming soon!

Liam (Bubby)

After losing our coyote hybrid, who was always very concerned, Erin set out to adopt the most concerned dog she could find in his honor. She found just that dog in Liam, better known as Bubby. Bubby was so terrified at the adoption center that he had to be dragged out of his crate. He wouldn't engage with us at all, and simply shook and tucked his tail between his legs. When we got him home, he wouldn't get out of the car until he saw EvaMay.

Fast forward to today, and Bubby is a very happy boy. He loves his family, especially EvaMay. Bubby still finds a lot of things scary, but he is much braver about facing those very scary things. 

Bubby is a BIG boy at 130 pounds. His booming bork makes him perfect for the position of Chief Communications Officer in Dog Fleet. 



Gilgamesh is the King of the Universe. He is a benevolent ruler of cats and notcats alike. Well, mostly benevolent. He's not the biggest fan of Ogres (Chris and dogs), and will express his displeasure quite readily.

With anyone he likes, he is very affectionate, and will gift nearcats and notOgres with his presence in their laps. His pastimes include sleeping on Mommycat's head every night, playing fetch with hair ties, and running up vet bills that cost a few thousand Gilgadollars. 

Minerva (Mini)

Minerva, better known as Mini, has been with us since she was only four weeks old when she was rescued as a feral kitten. She took those four weeks of feralness to heart, and considers herself at least part wildcat. Although she is extremely sweet, one would be advised to never attempt to oppress her.

For fun, Mini enjoys sitting up like a meerkat, stealing popcorn from notcats, and meowing angrily when someone doesn't pet her.


Grendel, also known as Monster, turned monstering into an artform. He and his sister Bellaluna are the founders of Monster University, in which young cats are trained in the art of monstering. 


In addition to monstering, Grendel loves laying in laps, giving kisses, getting hugs, and sitting in the Buddha position. His monstering specialties include catching "snakes" (strings) and trying to lure notcats into petting his Buddha belly.  


Bellaluna is cofounder and president of Monster University. Like her brother, she is extremely affectionate, and has mastered the art of sneaking into your lap without you noticing. Indeed, Bellaluna is so affectionate that one gets lulled into a false sense of security and forgets that she is President Monstress.


Bellaluna also loves notcats when they are stinky, especially Chris. As a very chatty kitty, she squeaks with delight when a stinky notcat walks into the room. 


You may have heard that Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death, was a jackal. But, you would have heard wrong. Anubis is, in fact, a cat, and he earned a Ph.D. in death from Monster University.  


Anubis may be small, but he is fierce, especially if you are a toy mouse or a hair tie. He's also extremely smart, responding to his name by meowing. He's not the biggest fan of notcats or Mommycat, although he does tolerate her. She feeds him and keeps him warm, so he supposes she performs at least a couple useful functions.  


Madame Zelda, also known as Zellie or La Poufette, is one of three fuzzy butt siblings. All three fuzzy butts are on the strange side--Zellie is the most "normal" of the bunch.


Zellie enjoys singing, chatting, and swatting people for no real reason. She has an associate's degree from Monster University in how to become a meme. She uses this expertise to pose for great photos and videos. She has been captured on video waving hello, giving a high five, and slapping her nearcat sister in the face for fun.  


The second of the fuzzy butts, Trillian, also called La Moufette, is a little odd. She loves her cat friends... until she doesn't. Then she screeches at them in a tone that could crack glass, runs away, and pees in a closet. In fact, she has an associate's degree from Monster University in closet peeing.


Trillian is also very friendly with notcats... until she's not. She is known to come and love on her notcat friends, then suddenly become very offended that they are touching her. 


The third and strangest of the fuzzy butts, Xander's personality can be best described by his nickname: Dumdum. He is the only cat who doesn't respond to his name. He doesn't even respond to the clicking noise Mommycat uses to call everyone. He doesn't really respond to much, actually, and even flunked out of Monster University.


His favorite pastimes seem to be staring at the wall and looking confused. He's awfully cute, though.  


Ms. Leda is possibly the loveliest kitty ever, being as sweet as she could possibly be. Unless you're a bunny (bunny = dog or Demon the cat, long story). Then she hates you with a fiery passion. 


Leda has a master's degree in loveliness from Monster University, with a subspecialty in thwarting bunnies. She is never too far away from her mum unless bunnies are present. Her pastimes include sitting with her mum, turning her head to weird angles, being lovely, and growling at bunnies.


Mr. Felix is Ms. Leda's brother. He is intensely bonded to his sister, which is why we had to bring both of them home. Fe is a little bit of an oddball. Indeed, for the first couple years of their lives, he would suck on his sister's neck several times per day.  

He loves cats, notcats, and nearcats alike--until they move suddenly, or make noise, or sneeze, or a pin drops somewhere. When that happens, he uses his master's degree in fleeing from Monster University to good effect. 


Finn is a big boy. A really BIG boy. He decided to major in growing at Monster University, and eventually earned his Ph.D. in the subject, weighing in at about 25 pounds. For this reason, his nickname is Thud, because whenever he jumps, there is an audible "thud" sound. 

Finn is a very friendly and mellow guy, and loves all members of his cat family. When not focusing on growing, Finn sleeps and snores a lot. A whole lot. 

Nicodemus (Demon)

Nicodemus' personality can be deduced from his nicknames: Demon and Turd. Demon earned his Ph.D. in demon summoning from Monster University. Since he himself is a demon, that means he mostly just summons himself. 

For fun, he enjoys tormenting other cats, demanding affection from notcats, and biting unsuspecting notcats and Ogres. His only catfriend is Finn, although he has a crush on Leda. (Leda has designated him a bunny and so she beats him up when he acts out--he loves it.)